At General Air Conditioning Services, we know the importance of maintaining your unit through regular air conditioning service or repairs to prolong the life of your unit and ensure its performance at an optimal rate. A faulty unit can affect performance and efficiency, resulting in you spending more money instead of saving it!

Not only this; failing to service your unit regularly will also void the 5-year warranty.

Our professional team of technicians have more than seven years of experience and the expertise needed to repair and maintain the life of your air conditioning systems. Whether you have a commercial or home unit, we are here to help.

The Benefits of Timely Servicing and Repairs

As the authorised service providers for all Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Actron and Advantage Air units, we can fix and service your system whether it is split system or ducted. There are many advantages to servicing and repairing your unit, this includes:

  • Peace of mind–your heating and cooling systems will be in good working condition all year round, ready to provide the comfort you need.
  • Upholding your warranty – periodic maintenance and servicing of your system is required to uphold your warranty.
  • Increasing energy efficiency – a well-maintained unit will run more smoothly and use less energy.
  • Keeping air hygienic – a service will make sure your unit is free from dust and mould, ensuring cleaner air circulation.

Specific details and benefits for split systems and ducted systems include:

Split Systems

A split system usually contains a removable filter that can be cleaned by you. However, services are required to maintain the outdoor compressor component of the system. It’s recommended that split system filters be cleaned once a month during periods of heavy use and every six months during light use.

Ducted Systems

A well-maintained ducted system could last 15 years or longer. Ensure yours lasts the distance by regularly making sure it is running as it should.

Is your air conditioning unit broken or not performing its best? Do you need to book in a maintenance check? Contact our professional team of technicians today. Phone us on 07 5580 1490 or fill out our simple online form.