Split system air conditioning units are most suitable for premises that aren’t very large. At General Air Conditioning Services, we also supply a quality range of multi-spit systems for larger areas. With our split system units, you can keep your home or business comfortable, no matter how large or small it is.

Stocking Trusted Brands

Our split air conditioning systems include Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners and Daikin Multi Split Air Conditioners:

  • Split System Air Conditioners – these compact units effectively air condition one room or a specific area of a home or business.
  • Multi-Split Air Conditioners – heat or cool 2-5 rooms using only one outdoor unit and individually control the air temperature in each room.

The Benefits of a Split System

  • Quick and easy to operate – split systems heat or cool spaces very quickly and are easy to control.
  • Floor or wall mountable – natural looking and easy to install.
  • Energy efficient – delivering warm or cool air only in the spaces where it’s needed, when it’s needed.
  • Heating and cooling – Most split systems have heating and cooling capabilities as standard, so you can use one system year-round.

Get the Edge with Advantage Air Smart Control

We also stock Advantage Air’s smart control systems, which allow you to link your split system air conditioning units to control each zone’s individual air flow and temperature. It’s cost-effective and energy efficient!

Advantage Air also has an app that allows you to adjust your heating and cooling to the optimal temperature before you even arrive!

Split System Services and Repairs

For peace of mind, we are proud to offer a repair and maintenance service as part of your 5-year warranty. It’s important that your split system unit receives regular maintenance to ensure a smooth running system and prolonged life.

If you think a split system is the right option for your home or office, contact our team on 07 5580 1490 or fill out our simple online form for a quote.


Find further information here: Mitsubishi Electric Wall Hung Split System Brochure